Do More with QR
Build feature-rich QR experiences to reach more people than ever before.
The possibilities are endless
Glyphics is a state-of-the-art QR experience that will elevate your business and how you interact with customers

Walking Tours

Easily build blazing-fast media rich walking tours in a variety of languages

Product Documentation

Create dynamic product documentation with built-in videos and a Q/A engine for your users

Gameday Experience

Take fandom to the next-level with QR-based giveaways and exclusive content

Multi-Purpose Signage

Make a single QR code lead to different content with the power of Glyphics groups. Publish information for your customers AND your employees securely at the same time.

Packaging & Labels

Tired of wasting money and effort on packaging and labels? Glyphics has you covered.

Advertisement Funnels

Advertise intelligently by only rendering QR content most suitable for the person who scanned it.

Packed with Exclusive Features
Enjoy exclusive features that make Glyphics THE choice for your QR codes

Multi-Language Support

Never worry again about how to engage different language groups with the same QR code. Let Glyphics do the heavy lifting for you.

Advanced Analytics

See who is scanning your codes in a host of useful ways to make the most out of your business and engagement.

Comments & Replies

Engage with your customers with a full-features comment engine complete with replies, voting, and notifications.

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Enthusiastically evolve fully tested e-commerce without maintainable applications. Distinctively parallel task empowered deliverables before.

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About Us

Glyphics is a social QR company based in Birmingham, AL at Hardware Park. We seek to transform boring QR into an information-rich custom experience for business and customers alike.