The Basics

A GLYPH anchors digital information and experience to a physical place. Glyphs use QR codes as the bridge for connecting the digital and physical world. Think about a glyph as a super-QR code.

A QR Code, also known as a “Quick Reference” code is a square image with contrasting blocks inside the image that are recognized as code by an optical scanning device, such as a smartphone camera. It translates into a url, text or similar data.

No. Every glyph has a link that can be shared and browsed to like any normal webpage. Just think of a QR as a direct link to a glyph’s page on the internet.


Yes, Glyphs can be grouped into campaigns.

A campaign is a group of Glyphs. This grouping could be a tour in the real world or a grouping of information related to a location, like a museum.


Yes! If your plans allow, you can invite others to create and maintain your Glyphs. On the “Collaborators” page, simply click “add.” Any current active collaborators will be listed on the page.

Yes! If your plans allow it. Under the right side account menu, click and scroll down to “Collaborations,” and you’ll see a list of everything you’re currently working on.

My Account

Simply click your avatar image on the top right-hand side and scroll down to “settings.” From there, you can change your avatar and personal information.

On the settings page, you’ll find a tab labeled “plan,” which will show information on your current plan as well as optional plans available. You can click on the “compare” link to get a better idea of what each plan offers.

Yes. You can at anytime; however, your change in plans will take place immediately. Your billing will be prorated for the duration of the service schedule.

Yes. Our free plans allow for basic glyph and campaign creations. The paid plans come with controls ranging from GEO fences to rich component creating. Check out our plans to learn more.